Our Country and our wealth is being taken from us by a legal Kleptocracy that takes all with impunity. Will the evidence be destroyed in a "friendly" EMP attack?

EMP preparedness

There are hundreds of websites that will help you with food storage, medical, and power  issues.
Since my background is in the telecommunications industry, I'd like to offer some suggestions on how to stay in touch with others during any kind of emergency. Communications will enable you to seek help, arrange barter, and reach family.

However ther EMP may fry your electronics, and virtually all modern communications gear is of solid-state design (transistorized) and unusually vulnerable to the EMP pulse.

It might be a good idea to keep at least one old-style radio (like an AM-FM) in the basement o fire up. Of course you'd need 110 volts AC, which might be problematical unless you have a generator that will function post-EMP. I recommend a propane-powered generator, since propane will keep a long time without deterioration (kerosene, diesal, and gasoline tend to gel up).  You could also pick up propane refills from your gas-grill, RV, or from a hardware station. The gas station pumps may not be able to operate without electric power, but propane tanks are-filled, and can be refilled at at propane tank facilities without the need for electric power.

I suspect cell systems will fail, and even if they continue operating, access will likely be limited to offiial users. CB or ham radio (or marine radios in a pinch) are small enough and cheap enough to buy, wrap in aluminum foil, and buried in tin soda cracker or butter cookie cans, to be retrieved when needed. Remove the batteries first.

Your microwave oven may also provide shielding, although I would wrap your essential electronics in foil first. You might explore this blog for more ideas:

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