Our Country and our wealth is being taken from us by a legal Kleptocracy that takes all with impunity. Will the evidence be destroyed in a "friendly" EMP attack?
American Kleptocracy is our new form of Government
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Between the Federal Reserve, which is owned by America's largest banks which are in turn owned by foreign interests, and corruption at the highest levels of Government, we have become fealty for the rich, who lie, cheat and steal our wealth, such as it is. Worse, they've stolen our souls.

When our economic system fails, the banksters will own pretty much everything, except our souls and our votes (and they can manipulate that too).

You may ask, "how can they do this?"

The answer is that it's already been done. The dream we had as young parents to leave the world a better place than how we found has not been realized. The world is in much worse shape than it was when we inherited it, and declining further.

How can they do this and make it stick?

I predict that this year, 2012, the East Coast will be disabled by a "friendly" EMP attack that will erase the hard drives of the computers that have evidence of financial and criminal wrongdoing. 

This EMP attack will likely appear to be from a foreign power, and may very well be from an enemy, but it will be embraced by people in power because it will solve a number of their problems. Almost every computer chip within the blast range will be fried. This will disable not only computers, but autos and trucks, two-way radios, possibly the power grid, and grind transportation and communication to a halt.

Most computerized records will be lost unless backed-up off site

Our government will be prepared, but the public will be deaf and blind, with TV and radio stations silenced, cellular networks collapsed and no way to realize what is going on. We'll be trapped in our homes.

I'm assuming the EMP blast will be 100 miles high, and although it will fry electronics, there is not likely to be any blast damage of consequence even if detonated over New York City. The EMP pulse will impact most computers withn 200 miles, an area extending from Washington DC to Boston...the very hub of government and finance (which overlap almost completely)

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